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Co-Creation Sessions

Sewing - Crochet - Knitting - Art - Music - Writing - Anything Creative!
Thursdays at 14:00 UK / 15:00 CET / 09:00 EST - Hosted by Clare. Gaia Sophia
Jitsi Room

What are Co-Creation Sessions?

"There is a difference between creating something aesthetic and something intuitive. The former may be pretty to look at, but the latter is a process of discovery and connection through expression." - Thea Stone

The co-creation sessions are a relaxed place for creating intuitively in a group. They were art sessions by Clare Gaia Sophia that then expanded to any form of creativity, such as music, sewing, crochet, writing, etc. In September 2022, I started holding space for the group, but in May 2023 the hosting duties returned to Clare although I may show up from time to time.

The co-creation sessions always had a foundation of following your intuition as you create, such as using intuitive mark-making to start paintings until you see what wants to emerge. Creativity is great at bypassing the logical mind as you go directly into the felt experience and the flow. This, in turn, helps you more easily call upon your intuition to guide you through your creation. Expressing from this space allows you to grow your relationship with intuition and learn to listen to its guidance in all aspects of life.

To learn more, watch this introduction video:

Who are these sessions for?

All are welcome regardless of experience and what you want to create.

Practical Information

You can work on an existing project or start a new one in the session. You can use any materials you have. Use your intuition to feel what is right to work with.

The sessions are held once a week on Jitsi for 3 hours. No accuont is required for Jitsi. You can drop in and out at any time from:

Thursdays at 14:00 UK/15:00 CET/09:00 EST.

If you need to leave the room to get something to drink or eat at any point, that is fine. During the sessions, you can remain silent to concentrate on your project, or you can chat, whichever the group needs on the day. Conversation can help distract the mind and deepen the creation process. However, if you need some quiet time to focus, feel free to request it from the group or turn the volume down.

For information on Thea's art, see Sunstone Studio Art.

What to expect

The format of the sessions is free-flowing and organic. At the start, we will ask one another what they are working on and catch-up a little and then work on our creative projects/chat. We then share progress at the end of the session (or just before you leave).

There is a private Signal group you can ask to join so you can share photographs of your work. You can also share in my Telegram group. You do not have to join either of these groups to participate.


Art sessions are free, but gifting is welcome. The suggested gift is $5 (USD) per session, but any amount is appreciated. You can gift through DonorBox (there is also a link on the home page in the top-right of the menu).

Upcoming sessions

Sessions are every Thursday.

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