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Frequency Fridays: Tonal Sound Healing

Chakra Tonal Sound Healing - Meditation - Shamanic Singing & Drumming
Fridays at 16:00 UK / 17:00 CET / 11:00 EST - Next: TBD  Mid Tones

What is Chakra Tonal Sound Healing?

Tonal sound healing helps release stress and stuck energy that may block you from healing and hearing your inner wisdom. I work with the Solfeggio frequencies in the Sounds of Light series of tones by the sacred singer Stellar. This series is a channeled work from source passed down in gift from person to person. You cannot buy them anywhere. I was lucky enough to work with a teacher who passed them on to me. I was guided at the end of 2022 to create this group to hold space for these healing tones.

Each tone relates to a chakra, but Stella uses a nine-chakra/tone system. Stella starts with two frequencies lower than the standard seven chakra system. I have intuited that the first tone connects to our deep tap root chakra in the Earth, then the second to near our feet - our physical connection point to the Earth, before proceeding to the seven standard chakras from root to crown. However, you may have a different experience with the first two tones.

The meditations I use before the tones are called Saints of Sin by Skylight Music. You can purchase these at Bandcamp.

Who are these sessions for?

All are welcome. If you are pregnant or have a condition triggered by sound or certain brainwaves, such as seizures, then listen to your body and determine if it is right for you. If necessary, consult a health practitioner first. If you decide to continue, then you come at your own risk.

Practical Information

The sessions are held once a week on Zoom for 90 minutes on:

Fridays at 16:00 UK/17:00 CET/11:00 EST.

The sound healing sessions rotate through three sets of tones: base, mid, and high. Each set contains three tones. So it takes three consecutive weeks to go through all nine tones.

NEWCOMERS SHOULD BEGIN WITH THE BASE TONES and ideally complete all three sets of tones in their first month if possible. This way you can get a rough idea of how each set of tones affects you. So in the future, if you cannot make it one week, you can assess if you can make it the week after or if you need to wait until the next base tones session. Ideally, you want to go through all nine tones without any gaps, but it is better to experience some tones than not at all if life is demanding.

I do NOT recommend starting (or returning after a break) with the high tones, as it can be too intense if you have not prepared with the base and/or mid-tones beforehand.

VOLUME IS KEY TO MANAGING THE INTENSITY OF THE TONES. If it is feeling too intense for you, then reduce the volume. Please try to make it to the end of the session. Sometimes it can be a little more intense when you first start, as the sound healing has more to work through in your body. This should pass quickly and settle down.

Use headphones if you can, as this allows the vibration of the tones to have a greater effect on your body.

You can bring a drum or rattle if you want, so you can join in when we open the circle with shamanic singing.

You can also bring some crystals and put them near you, on your body, or under your pillow. This may amplify the experience of the tones and assist your healing.

The tones work best if you are still and can lie down on your back with your arms and legs uncrossed. However, listen to your body. If you really need to move position, then do so. Sitting is fine, if that is easier for you.

Like meditation, try to keep the mind chatter to a minimum and be open to receiving healing from the tones. This makes the tones more impactful. However, if your mind is over-active, just witness it and bring your focus back to your breath and your center when you can. Sometimes that is just the way it is, so practice self-acceptance. Don't try too hard to hold onto mental notes of your experience for later on. It's ok to let the experience pass through you.

If you fall asleep, this is fine. The tones work just as well.

Bring some water, as you may need to hydrate after the session.

What to expect

We start the session with a five min piece of sound healing music to allow time for people to arrive and settle. During this time, please remain muted. If you want to close your eyes and check in with yourself, you are welcome to do so.

Then I will welcome you all to the group. At this point, I will lock the zoom room. I will not admit any latecomers after that. I will do a little introduction where I go over the structure of the session and some practical things to keep in mind to get the most out of the tonal sound healing.

I open up the circle with a shamanic song and some drumming. This is to aid you in settling into the alpha brain wave state and to honor any helping-compassionate spirits assisting you in your healing.

Then we will take a moment to dim the lights and settle down onto your bed or chair.

I then play a short meditation that fits the chakra work before the set of tones for this session begins to play. Each tone starts with a little bit of guidance to assist you. Each tone lasts 12-15 mins and starts with a bit of sacred singing over the top. There may be gaps between the guidance and when the tone seems to start, so be patient.

Once all three tones have finished, remain as you are with your eyes closed. I will close the circle with a gratitude prayer and then gently bring you back to the room.

Then there is a short time when you can share some of your experiences if you want to. You may experience body sensations like vibrating or energy flowing, thoughts or memories might arise, or you might not notice anything. Every session is different, but the tones always have an impact, even if it takes time for you to see the results.


Sound healing sessions are free, but gifting is welcome. The suggested gift is $5 (USD) per session, but any amount is appreciated. You can gift through DonorBox (there is also a link on the home page in the top-right of the menu).

Upcoming sessions

Friday 14-04-2023 (Mid-Tones)

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