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Tarot Readings

What is Tarot?

"I use my intuition to guide you back to your intuition." - Thea Stone

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If you need a little clarity on issues and transitions in your life, then I also offer tarot readings.

Tarot is a tool to focus intuition and tap into messages from the universe and collective consciousness. I can ask the cards questions on your behalf and offer intuitive guidance.

Tarot readings often include mentoring and coaching to work through the issues that you raise. The cards are a mirror to reflect what you need to see to make important decisions and gain resolution.

If you have repressed your intuition for a long time, it can take a while to rebuild your trust in it. So having someone intuitive by your side can help aid the process, especially if you face big changes in your life.

Who is Tarot for?

All are welcome. Please come with an open mind to help give you the best reading possible.

Practical Information

The sessions are by appointment through Zoom.

Come with any questions that you want to ask the cards (alternatively, we can ask the universe what you need to know right now). In a 60 min session, we might cover 2-3 questions. However, it depends on how much comes through and how deep we dig.

I can take photos of the tarot layout and send them to you after the session as a memento and reference for future consideration.

I recommend turning your phone off or any other distractions for the duration of the reading.

What to expect

I use the Rider-Waite tarot deck and the Kachina Knife layout. I practice aspecting tarot rather than reversal tarot. This process means I use neighboring cards to clarify each card's meaning.

When looking into future events, be aware that they can shift, so it is helpful to check in with a long-term situation multiple times to see how it is progressing.

Timing can also be tricky in tarot, as it operates within divine timing that doesn't always translate so well to earth timing. The universe also knows more than we can see in our lives, so sometimes the reading needs time to reveal itself.

Make sure you are ready to hear the answer when you ask a question. If we don't frame the question correctly, then the reading may not make sense, and we may need to reword it or find another topic. I don't do readings about other people unless permission is given.

Sometimes the universe tells you what you need to hear that moment, and it may not be a lasting reflection of the actual outcome of a situation. You may also get an answer that doesn't match the question you asked. In this case, the universe feels you need to know something else instead.


10 min Quick Tarot Reading: $10
60 min Tarot Reading: $70 (Includes 30 mins of sacred space setup + photos of your reading.)

Book a Session

Book a 10 min Quick Tarot Reading  Book A 60 min Tarot Reading

"I enjoyed learning and easily followed how Thea explained the cards. I was excited about the possibilities of actualization from her forecast from the readings.

Thea communicates well and has a natural and easy flow while interpreting the readings. Together we formulated possible predictions/messages/readings from the cards.

I felt Thea explained all positive and past experiences understandably. I am open to more readings and learning from the insights they give. I look forward to seeing how these predictions play out."

"As I have become older, it is apparent that the universe has many lessons I still need to discover. Thea is insightful and intuitive as she helps guide me to uncover the full connection and meaning behind each tarot reading.

A lot is going on in my life, and I find a tarot reading with Thea gives me the clarity I need to be in tune with my truth. I cannot thank you enough Thea."