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"I felt my body relaxing, and my heart opening a little more. I found myself needing more of your calm, centered, kind compassionate balanced way of nurturing your own soul. I felt safe. I find I have programmed myself to operate imbalanced with the Divine Feminine parts of me, shutting her down to atrophy sometimes - as a means of safety - which is a big illusion in my life because following a strong, connected, in-tune intuition is where true safety begins and lives."


"I enjoyed learning and easily followed how Thea explained the cards. I was excited about the possibilities of actualization from her forecast from the readings.

Thea communicates well and has a natural and easy flow while interpreting the readings. Together we formulated possible predictions/messages/readings from the cards.

I felt Thea explained all positive and past experiences understandably. I am open to more readings and learning from the insights they give. I look forward to seeing how these predictions play out."


"As I have become older, it is apparent that the universe has many lessons I still need to discover. Thea is insightful and intuitive as she helps guide me to uncover the full connection and meaning behind each tarot reading.

A lot is going on in my life, and I find a tarot reading with Thea gives me the clarity I need to be in tune with my truth. I cannot thank you enough Thea."


"A dance session with Thea is a wonderful opportunity to experience your intuition through movement. To me, it’s a time of letting go, listening, and relaxing. Thea is a gentle guide into the inner landscapes and facilitates the exploration of body sensations and the emotions hidden underneath. When I dance with Thea, I feel I come closer to my inner knowing, and I learn how to stay tuned and connected to myself."


"Thea’s intuitive dance classes have created a new opening for me - allowing me to flow physically and emotionally in a new way."


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